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ArchiveTeam Hungary

ArchiveTeam Magyarország is the Hungarian branch of ArchiveTeam. It was launched by ArchiveTeam member bzc6p / Timothy Vichra on January 1, 2021. Its main goals are the following:


RSZI stands for Régi Szép Idők (Good Old Times), name of a simple Wayback Machine-like service that provides access to the archives of certain websites, extracting their URLs directly from WARC files hosted at the Internet Archive.

In 2016, Internet Archive changed its policy towards user-submitted WARC files, and no longer ingests them automatically into the Wayback Machine, thus – as a side effect – preventing their contents from being easily accessed. The reasons for that is understood, but most users are unable to extract data from WARC files.

Constrained by storage space, ArchiveTeam Hungary (and specifically Timothy Vichra) decided to create a service that looks up a given URL in the indices of WARC files, and then it efficiently extracts that given file from the corresponding WARC, and presents that to the user.

Currently the service supports only few, already closed Hungarian image hosting websites, and returns the full size image for any URL related to the given image – or alternatively, it redirects the user to the Wayback Machine if the requested URL is assumed to be available there. The number of images currently accessible exclusively through the RSZI service is more than 2.45 million, spanning 12 years.

Limitations have been built into the system, in order to prevent malicious or unintentional overloading that would be gatewayed to Internet Archive as well.

The scope of the RSZI service will be extended with more websites as soon as they stop being available on their original location.


ArchiveTeam Hungary can be contacted both in English and in Hungarian at the following email address: kapcsolat [at] archiveteam [dot] hu.