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News, 2021-09-25: Today we've reached the point when we've run out of user submissions. Therefore from now on, we'll regularly inject videos to the system that need to be saved because they were embedded into websites saved by ArchiveTeam Hungary. The numbers of these videos got a separate column in the statistics. This will keep the backlog populated, but fear not, submissions from users like you will always be reviewed and archived with priority over the AThu-submissions.

You might ask whether we'd increase the daily submissions limit in this situation. Not for now, because most of our users don't use up their limit most of the time anyway. Also, those who would like to archive hundreds of videos on a regular basis, should consider setting up their own archiving rig using the tubeup program themselves.


YouTube (mirror-translated into Hungarian: Tecsű) is inarguably the largest video sharing website in the world.

However, videos uploaded there won't stay forever, they can get deleted for numerous reasons.

With the Lecsű service, you can suggest YouTube videos for archival. You need to insert the URL of the video in the field below. We save the video and then upload to the Internet Archíve, where it will be available – hopefully – forever.

We review all submissions manually, as almost everything may be worthy to save, there are exceptions, see below. Approval may take a few days, we ask for your patience.

Note: One user can submit only one video per minute, and maximum 50 videos in 24 hours!

If you want to check what is the archiving status of a submitted video, just insert its URL again, like when you first sutbmitted the video. (Such requests don't count into the above limit.)

The technical background of this service is provided by the youtube-dl and tubeup software.

Type / insert URL here:

Processing of your request has started. It can take up to half a minute. Don't refresh the page, otherwise you might confuse the program!


Important (updated 2021-09-09):

The saved videos will finally be uploaded to the Internet Archive, on behalf of ArchiveTeam Hungary. Only content they accept can be uploaded there, so – in order to avoid being blacklisted – we filter what we archive.

ArchiveTeam Hungary decides at their own discretion what they approve and what they reject. As a rule of thumb, we don't archive the following kinds of videos:

It's important that we decide on each video one by one. We reserve the right to deviate from the above guidelines.

Then what is what we really like to archive?

We consider it especially important to save videos including, but not limited to:

Questions, feedback, error reporting: kapcsolat [at] archiveteam [dot] hu

We also have a Facebook page with extra content