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Váltás magyar nyelvre


The Lecsű service was discontinued in January 2022, due to the Internet Archive's – absolutely understandable – restrictions on YouTube video uploads.

However, since then, ArchiveTeam (re)launched their on-demand interactive YouTube video archiving tool, and you can request any video (or even channel) be archived immediately, given that the video in question meets some eligibility criteria.

You are encouraged to use that service. See details here.

Besides that, of course you are advised to save whatever you consider important yourself, and store it on your local storage media, or agree with some organisation to host it for you.

As for the Lecsű service, you can still log in and see the list of videos you requested to be archived. If something is said to be in the "private archive", it no longer exists on its original location, and you need it, contact us via email.

-- Timothy Vichra, 2023-08-04

Contact: kapcsolat [at] archiveteam [dot] hu