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A message from Timothy Vichra, Lead of ArchiveTeam Hungary

Date: January 9th, 2022

Dear Lecsű Users,

this is from an email I got from the Internet Archive a few days ago:

Thank you for thinking of the Internet Archive to preserve and share materials you upload.

While we strive to preserve materials that are at risk of being lost we do not want to mirror items that are online without actual evidence that their removal is imminent.

I'm seeing that most of what you have uploaded is from youtube and in a random check are still live on youtube.

To that end we ask that if you believe online materials are at risk and you wish to preserve them if they are removed please keep a copy locally on your own drives. If the items are removed or deleted from the site you are then welcome to upload them. Please include evidence that they were online but have been removed.

Additionally, if you are concerned about materials status we'd suggest discussing mirroring it with the owner of the materials and request that the owner talk with us.

Uploading them prior to that may result in their removal from and your account being locked.

It should be entirely clear from that above that the operation of the Lecsű service cannot continue as it has been going. Most of the videos submitted "are online without actual evidence that their removal is imminent", therefore not welcome by the Internet Archive.

ArchiveTeam Hungary doesn't have the storage capacity of archiving hundreds of videos weekly, at least not on the long term. Furthermore, the above decision of the Internet Archive also affects other projects of ArchiveTeam Hungary – we can't, any more, rely on the Internet Archive to store a second copy of all the websites and other content we've been archiving, we must secure them ourselves, further decreasing our capacity.

Therefore I made the decision today that I suspend the operation of the Lecsű service of ArchiveTeam Hungary. We'll archive, in the upcoming weeks, all pending videos submitted until now, but no new submissions are accepted. Lecsű users will also continue to be able log in and access the list of their submissions, as well as to manage their accounts, for the time being.

One day we might come up with an alternative idea, with which the Lecsű project can go on, but it's not on the horizon yet. Please stay tuned and check this website as well as your mailbox once in a while: we'll inform our registered users via email, and everyone on this website, if a major change happens, including restarting the Lecsű service, and also if we decide to shut this website down entirely.

Thank you for everyone's contribution and the more than 6,000 submissions in the last half year. We made, at least those, archived. But now, it's your turn. Please keep archiving stuff you consider important, especially if it's in danger of disappearing, by yourself. For videos, you can use youtube-dl, but so that metadata also gets archived, we suggest you follow ArchiveTeam's short guidance on how to use it. However, if you have allowance from the Internet Archive to upload stuff there, you can also use the tubeup tool from Bibanon. It can download and upload videos automatically, provided that you have an Internet Archive account. This tool is what we ourselves used.

Keep archiving; there won't be too many who thank you in the present, but you work for the future with that. Remember that the hardest thing in history is to be there when it happens. You have the chance to do what future generations won't.

All the best,

Timothy Vichra

Questions, feedback, error reporting: kapcsolat [at] archiveteam [dot] hu